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بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

Illness is a condition that can’t be predicted when its comes and its can happens to anyone in everywhere. When somebody get cold, for example, at least they buy medicines near by their home for first aid. And if they condition is going worst, they will go to hospital to get proper threatment from clinician. After their conditions are much better, they have permitted to back home. But the real condition it’s not so simple, many people who have much money doesn’t get what they expect from medicines that they take. Even there are some of them frustated with their condition and dicide to end it by doing suicide. This phenomena shows to us that the price of health is can’t be measured by money, its only can be respected by say thanks to God for the healths and practice a good living habits.

Believe that God involve in ours succesfull life are important things. People in good condition can do everything they want, they work hard and get achievement for that. Their prestice make they feel can do as much as they can without limititation, feels like Hercules. They believe money can buy anythings include their health, money can buy the best things what they want even when they get ill they can hire the best clinician dan buy the best medicine for their threatment. But they forget that illness can’t be prevented to happen to them by their money, God send it to anyone He wants to, in anytime and anywhere they are. So, pray is one kind of prove that we thanks to God for our health.

Geriatric people in Europe had been increased every years. Management care of them different with the other kind of people (like: child, and adult person), its because geriatric people have problems that can’t be solve partially. Theirs problems are from their habits in the past. In the past, geriatric people usually do bad habits such as, consume junk foods, less of exercise activity, and many more. But two points in the first are the most causes of their health problems. Consume a lot of junk foods can make body doesn’t get proportional nutrition, a proper nutrition is important to maintain performance of the internal organs. When internal organs can’t support body function as well as in the normal conditions, in that state we have problems in our health. Its important to us to keep maintain what we consume are good and halal for our body, and never overconsume on it.

In brief, as a good moslem we must implement what our prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) teach us how to through this life, even Islam teach us manners when we eat and manage our daily activity well. Always bring the spirit of our religion to our daily life, like Rosulullah (s.a.w) said, “Worshiping Allah all of you, as though, you will dead tomorrow, but do your works, as though, you will live for ever”.

Depok, 15 Rabbiul Awal 1433 H
-Moejaheedean Al Qassam-

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