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بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

I have been 1 month in national hospital of Indonesia, there is interesting phenomenon that make think about excistention of pharmacist in community of medic in our country of Indonesia. How pitty, in modern era which provide information globally and can be access easily, many people of Indonesia does'nt aware and fully know about excistention of pharmacist, they just only know two of several medical practioner in hospital especially doctor and nurse.
Doctor, usually called "doc" by the other people, they able to give medical action to threath pasien until the pasien get their healthy. Doing their profession in hospital and other clinic, give a prescription that contain medicines for their patiens, sometimes they give explaination to the pasein how to take their medicines. When they give diagnostic, in legal rule, doctor must send they diagnostic letter to pharmacist to interpreted and the pharmacist decided what the best medicines that pasien take. Doctor must give diagnose correctly, this is important to avoid medical error. To prevent that doctor need other medical profession to double check the efficacy of threatment. But, the reality in Indonesia, pharmacist still looking their chance to be respected by the other medical profession, Indonesian people still unfamiliar with pharmacist or apothecary, they just know dokter and nurse, if you asking to them about apothecary, they will ask you reversly, what is apothecary? How pitty, I don't know why this phenomena still happen today.
Nurse, a medical professional that usually find in hospital. Usually they called "Nurse or Sus (Indonesian call them)", they work closely with doctor, and doctor usually ask for their help, because a nurse have a skill and knowledge technically to take care pasien. They have their own position in medical comunity. So far, two medical profession that I mention above in sort, they have their own position, they work coorperatly.

Now, I want to talk about pharmacist or apothecary or apoteker (Indonesian people call it). Like I have been described above, people still unfamiliar with this kind of profession. Just for your information, this profession in ideal condition, pharmacist take very important and strategic position, in their hands, a medicine can be an effective threatment, and with their hands too, a medicine can be a toxic. So its clear, that pharmacist have important role in threatment process. But its different in reality, pharmacist placed in wrong position by the society.
There is important issues that pharmacist must give a lot of attention and considere that issues seriously, CAPABILITY, yes that's true, if we give example, nowadays doctor still argue with our capability in handling a medicine (dosage, efficacy, mechanism of action, drugs of choice, etc) to help them by our recommendation in drugs related problems. So, we must prove it to them (doctor, nurse) that we competent and capable in our discipline of knowledge. Never feel unconvidence if we discuss with them, but also never feel arogan and superior among them, we must keep learn and upgrade our knowledge about health and the issues, especially in medicine. If we can convince them that we mastering in medicine, we can get their thrust and respect.
This only few of interactions among them that usually happen everyday in hospital, we as medical practitioner we must consider to improve our skill to get up to par. Only people who can adapt with a situation who can survive and  contribute as maximum as possible.

Depok, 17 Jumadil Tsani 1433 H
-Moejaheedean Al Qassam-

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