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بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

Professionalism in every field of job become a necessity likewise with pharmacy. For instance, how to dress, how to communicate, how to behave, how to treat others with respect, how to acknowledge, and accept cultural diversity, and how to express emphaty to others. It is the way for pharmacist to be known as a professional in health community.

Patient trust become an important aspect in health care management. With professionalism, patient trust can be built easily, imagine if you are carried by doctor who doesn’t care about his or her appereance, not in sharply uniform or unkempt, do you believe that the doctor can take care of your health problems? On the other hand, if the doctor in sharply uniform, act like as a professional, I’m sure you will feel safe in his hand and improve your quality of your life. A trusting relationship is the very first principal in the Code of Ethics for Pharmacists.

Professionalism also aims to make a pharmacist to be respected. First of all, you must to behave in respectable manner, but this is much more than acting, you must have consistency to behave professionally until it become a good habits. Furthermore, people who behave professionally deliver high quality of healt care to they patients. If you want to be respected by other professional health care, there is no way except you have to behave professionally.

In professional community, physical appereance hold big influences to they client in effectiveness of communication and acceptances. As soon as you make great positive impression to your patients on the first sigh by your appereance, you just be a professional. Accordingly to popular phrase from Rosulullah shalallahu’alayhi wa sallam, “if someone who act like as a type of people, then he/she includes their type.” In other words, if you want to be a professional you have to act and dress like professionals do.

As mention before, behave professionally and then turn it into habits are the reason for professional helath care provider get their positive impression form patients. In fact, if you have bad behavior in your daily activity, it will impact when you interact with other in your job and hard for you to be percieved in your environtment especially in health community as hospital.

Professional health care provider (like: pharmacist) must have good communication skill. Communication skill is about share and receive information using verbal, writen, and visual skills. When we share or receive information from patients, we must remember that each of patients different in the way they share or receive the information. So, that is why we as a professional health care provider must have a good communication skill to prevent fatal accident that can be caused by miscommunication.

An other integral part of professionalism is confidentiality of patiens. For this reason, The Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) makes a guidlines. For Indonesia Policy in confidentiality of patients are described in UU Praktik Kedokteran pasal 47 ayat (2).

Professional health care provider are also faced with cultural influences from their patiens. It can be believes, karma, habituation in drink alcohol a lot, traditional values, etc. Sometimes cultural aspect makes health care process become complicated, hard to convince patients to understand the medical threatment are given to them is better for them in healing process.

However, professionalism can’t be separated from judgement and punishment, if professional health care provider doesn’t work appropiately and do an illegal behavior. For each infringement should be given a warning and if still do the same mistake, in authority of institution must give a penalty to person who brake the regulation. So, for student of pharmacy or resident pharmacy who work in hospital, it recommend for you to always upgrade and enrich your knowledge in your business. Be aware of and follow policies and procedures and laws.

Equally important is about sexual harassment and discrimination issues, as a professional, we must avoid this behavior because it’s illegal and unacceptable. For example, offensive sexual comments directed at particular individuals, offensive comments about another person’s body, any offensive sexual advances, engaging in offensive touching of another person, engaging in or attemping to develop a romantic or sexual relationship with an individual who is a supervisor or who is in a less powerfull position. If that happen in mention above, you should report it to proper administrator with documentation and details.

As we know it, every year in every graduation ceremony of pharmacy student from all university in Indonesia, they always recite oath of pharmacist and pledge of professionalism. Not just to be there, professionalism must be trained lifelong process with the aim of commitment that form in each person of pharmacist to their profession.

In short, how people know that we are professional, it comes from how we put ourself into professional behavior. Nowadays, hard to find someone with profession who do their job professionally. This condition result in poor quality of services which give to the client especially in health care management. The consequences to the pharmacist are a decline of thrust from patients and other health practitioner to our services and capability in medicine management care. Let us to educate ourself as pharmacist and enhanced our knowledge along with development of technology and science in our community.

Depok, 02 Rabiul Tsani 1433 H
Moejaheedean Al Qassam

BOH’S Pharmacy Practice Manual 3th edition.


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